An Exceedingly Portentous Nascency by Dave Brosius

"Let's set some shit off." --Socrates

Well, I just got the keys to this thing and am already hard at work breaking it. I invite you to check back frequently. Especially if I manage to slap some ads on this thing.

This is my second act, blog-wise. While I still want to hew close to the philosophical themes I always carefully manicured into the Posts of Christmas Past, I'm leaning more towards the inaccessibly wacky "humor" you all have come to expect and rightly avoid in the past.

If you find something to enjoy here, do me a favor and be sure to thank me. Vigorously. Speaking of...


"You Are So Very Welcome"

That's the only appropriate response to the phrase "Thank you so much!" And don't we all sound like dainty gentlemen and gentleladies when we speak that way!

Of course we goddamn do.

Welcome to the new site, all three of you. More to come soon. So Very Much More. Be sure to thank me properly. Fancily. You're so very welcome!